What do the tier levels mean for Invisalign® providers?

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2 min readDec 24, 2020

Patients are using Invisalign’s tier levels system provided by Invisalign to find a trustworthy and reliable orthodontist.

The Invisalign’s official website contains a tool that is allowing users to find out the Invisalign’s tier levels of orthodontists authorized that provide the treatment near them, however, these service providers are categorized as per different tiers, which are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

In the next paragraphs, we will look at what the three highest tiers signify individually so you can understand better.

Gold Invisalign Provider

For an orthodontist to receive the Gold ranking, they must have treated at least 25 Invisalign patients in a year. If users are looking for basic Invisalign services, patients can choose a Gold-rated Invisalign service provider in their locality. They will know that they come with Invisalign’s official endorsement for the orthodontic service they provide.

Platinum Invisalign Provider

In the three-tier ranking hierarchy of Invisalign service providers, Platinum succeeds Gold to reach the top. Platinum-certified Invisalign orthodontists earn their rating after they’ve provided Invisalign treatments a minimum of 60 times in a year. While not as respected or sought after as the Diamond-rated Invisalign service providers, Platinum-rated Invisalign orthodontists can help users to a higher level of service than Gold-rated Invisalign service providers. Patients can expect moderately proficient Invisalign treatment from Platinum rated Invisalign orthodontists.

Diamond Invisalign Provider

In conclusion, the highest rank in Invisalign’s three-tier ranking system is the Diamond rank. It is the topmost tier of ranking granted to only the very best Invisalign service providers. When an orthodontist has been awarded the Invisalign Diamond rank, patients can be certain that they are in the safest and most reliable hands possible among Invisalign orthodontists. If patients seek the most professional and experienced Invisalign treatment service, they will choose a Diamond Invisalign provider, and they won’t be disappointed.

How orthodontists can become Diamond Provider and the leader of their location.

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